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Change Is A Good Thing

26 Feb

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Sometimes, change is good. Especially when it’s for the better.

Have you ever been somewhere and gotten an upgrade? Like getting a large drink at McDonald’s instead of the value menu small size you actually ordered. Or finding that front-row parking spot in the rain.

Times like that are almost as awesome as Christmas.

The “feel-good” moment of knowing you just got the best available and you weren’t expecting it.

Well, that’s just like the switch to Canvas.

Sure, change can be scary. But it’s also an adrenaline rush.

Don’t get left in the past. Canvas is coming. Be ahead of the game.

The Switch to Canvas: Summer 2013


Let’s get back to the simple things in life…

26 Feb

Let's get back to the simple things in life...

Thanks to Canvas, eLearning is about to get much easier. With no-nonsense open source software, self-updates, and integrating with Facebook and LinkedIn, Canvas is the better (and more simple) alternative learning management system.

Say goodbye to those endless error messages and lack of support. So long antiquated interfaces and lack of design freedom. Peace out to problematic updates.

Goodbye, Blackboard. Hello, Canvas.


eLearning Rings In President’s Day with the Election of Canvas for 2013

18 Feb

CanvasRedWhiteAndBlue-002{Click Image to View Video}

Did you know that President’s Day dates back to 1800?  That is the year after the death of President George Washington.

The country, founded on the ideals of democracy and innovative ideas, is much like Canvas.

It’s all about freedom to do better, and the push to continually improve.

Hip-hip America! Hip-hip innovation! Hip-hip Canvas LMS!

Be in the know:

Fun facts about President’s Day (thanks to the folks over at

  • George Washington became the first American citizen with a federal holiday.
  • The Congressional bill combined George Washington’s birthday, February 22nd, with Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, February 12th.
  • Even though not official, most states now call the holiday President’s Day.
  • Presidents born in February are George Washington 2/22, Abraham Lincoln 2/12, Ronald Reagan 2/6, and William Henry Harrison 2/9.


4 Feb


As technology continues to grow and college academic enrollment is at an all-time high, the world of ebooks is rapidly on the rise. My name is Brandon Walker and I am the Resource Specialist here at Meridian Community College. As the Resource Specialist, I provide assistance to students who are enrolled in an ebook course. My primary goal as the Resource Specialist is to ensure that all students have downloaded their ebook to their smartphone, tablet, and laptop or desktop. If a student has an issue with their ebook, I troubleshoot the issue in a timely manner to ensure that the student has their required material for their course.

These days, over half of the students that enroll in college are pursuing an online degree. By doing this, they have the ability to work and have family time all while making an academic commitment. In the near future, ebooks will be a prominent asset in the college academic world. Overall, ebooks are fun, portable, and useful to anyone looking to earn a degree online.



1 Feb


Did you know that the eLearning center has released our Spring 2013 Newsletter?

This document is so useful for faculty and students needing more info about online education, the Holladay Center, benefits of taking classes online, and more!

Are you ready to take the next step towards your future? Enrollment for late start and Term II courses is going on now. Sign up. Start, Finish, and Graduate here at MCC.