eLearning to Host Christmas Party

10 Dec

eLearning would like to extend an invitation for Friday, December 13, 2013 for fresh, warm doughnuts and cheerful fellowship from 8:30am -10:00am. (If the doughnuts make it that long). We appreciate all you have done for us this semester, especially during finals.


Donuts, coffee, and drinks are on us. Come down and celebrate another semester successfully complete!


We Were Robbed!

29 Oct

We Were Robbed!

ELearning participated in the door decorating contest for the first time this year for Fall Fest. We got 2nd place- not bad for a first time. Look out, because next year we’re going to rock it!

Tomorrow is the actual Fall Fest. Many of our departments will be selling goodies, such as caramel apples and mugshots. There will also be bull riding, a jump house, and other fun stuff!

Come enjoy the festivities, because we sure will. Also, don’t forget to dress up for Halloween! #Winning #Halloween #Fun


MCC FSA Luncheon

20 Aug

MCC FSA Luncheon

The entire college came together last week for the annual Faculty/Staff Association Luncheon. MCC eLearning contributed chips and dip, a veggie tray, and a green bean casserole.

We reviewed policies and procedures, went over current campus events, and awarded two eLearning awards for outstanding faculty.

Here’s to a great semester!


Another day here at MCC eLearning

26 Jun

Do you know what day it is? Do ya? Do ya?

Just in case you forgot it’s Wednesday, here’s a funny video reminder about the midday of the week.

If you’ve got a test to take before this weekend, go ahead and get it scheduled. You’ve got from 8am-6pm Thursday and Friday to get those proctored exams in.

xoxo – MCC eLearning


Summer Testing

24 Jun

Summer Testing

Students testing in the Holladay Center for eLearning are remembering to use Google Chrome Web Browser for Canvas LMS. #winning

Do you need to download the free browser? It’s available at: https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/

MCC eLearning to Host Freshmen Orientation

11 Jun

MCC eLearning will play host to incoming freshmen (Eagle Nation Class Of ’15) on June 11th, June 18th, and July 16th.

The Holladay Center for eLearning will be closed from 11am – 6pm on each orientation date.

Please contact us at elearning@meridiancc.edu for more information.


MCC End of Year Luncheon

27 May



The MCC end of year luncheon was a fun way to get all faculty/staff from across the college together before summer break. The MCCFSA provided Mugshots for lunch, and our very own eLearning Resource Specialist, Brandon Walker, sported his new Canvas LMS shirt. He received lots of compliments on it and it helped get faculty excited about our transition to Canvas.
20130513_112010Yay Canvas and Mugshots!

xoxo – eLearning